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Step 12: Linking/ Hyper linking
Okay – this part is important, but easy.
Now in the slices table click on your link. I don’t think you’ll have this window up so go to Window>Slice. A new dialogue box should pop up that looks like this:

Click Here 

Now click on the slice of one of you links and where is has the second typing box type in the internet address you want it to go when you click on it. It MUST start with a http:// otherwise it will NOT work. For example, this is what I would type if I wanted it to go to
Click Here

Step 13:
Now do this exact same process for all of your links and refer back to the diagram above if you get confused. Once you have done that to all of your links you are basically done!
Click on the ‘Internet Explorer’ Logo or the hand with a sparkle/ star thing to view it and test that everything works (located next to each other).


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