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I now have an extra layer that is a “different colour or darker shade” of the “Menu” layer.
Call that layer “Rollover Menu”.

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Step 7:
Now duplicate each of the link layers. With the duplicated layers, keep the links original name and add a “RO” standing for “Rollover”. For example; my link is called GraphixTech, so I would call the duplicated layer “GraphixTech RO”. With each of these layers press ‘Ctrl + U’ and choose a colour for the rollover effect (make sure you tick the “colorize” box).

Make sure you keep the same colour for every rollover effect for the links, other wise it’ll look crap. However it’s your decision in the end. I used settings of Hue = 210, Saturation = 50, Lightness = 0. That gives you a nice bluey colour.
Make each of the rollover layers hidden for the moment.
Your layers should look like this: 

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