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Step 3:
Now that we’ve done that we need to create the actual menu selections. I’m going to add currently existing WebPages to my menu – if it for your own site I suggest you use your own website pages. Like before, create a new layer and select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw a rectangle and fill it in with your desired colour then duplicate it. (this is for the first link in your menu). Select the text tool and add some text to the rectangle and join the layers (link number 1’s name). Make sure you have one rectangle without text! It should look like something like this:

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Step 4:
Unfortunately I stuffed mine up and way stupid enough to make my links uneven, so the images might not match what I’m saying completely. But don’t worry – it won’t make it anymore confusing! You’ll make a good version. Now, with that Duplicated rectangle duplicate it again. Use the first duplicated rectangle and write another link on it then join the layers. This time move this link/button above the first link/button so it is in a straight 90 degree angle going vertical (upwards). Continue this process of duplicating until you have all the links you want.
(Note: Once u reach the last link you don’t need to duplicate the rectangle).
This was my result with all of my links:

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