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Pipeline Effect

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Step 5:
Now it looks a bit too crap from the poor use of pixels so to make it looks better go to Filter>Blur>Blue and click Ctrl + F about 3 or 4 times. This should soften the look of the image from this, to this.

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Step 6:
Now duplicate the layer. You can do this by going to the layer palette options then clicking duplicate layer.

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Step 7:
Now on layer two click Ctrl + T then hover your arrow over the corner of the top right hand side, flip it so up the top it says ‘180’. It should now look like this:

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Step 8:
Now set the layer to ‘lighten’ and then press Ctrl + L. A new box will come up, in the bottom right hand cornered box it should say ‘255’. Delete that and re-enter it with ‘200’. Do this with both layers
Note: Do not set layer 1 to lighten!
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