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Step 10:
With the new rollover state for the “Menu” slice, select it then click the “Menu” rollover state in the layers palette so it is visible. Then with the twirly thing, click it and drag it to all of the links in the slice box to create a target looking thing.

EDIT: This was not shown in the diagram but it’s critical! Make sure that when you select the rollover slice for the “Menu” slice that all of the NON rollover links are visible, otherwise this will ruin your project later on!
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Step 11:
Now select your first link in the “slices box” and right click and choose “Add Rollover State” again. Select the rollover for that link and make the rollover for the link visible like for the “Menu” layer. With the twirly thing do the same, but this time only drag it to the other link slices, keep it away from the “Menu” slice! Make every other link visible, but NOT the rollover state versions.
Do as constructed in the diagram:

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